Wudaokou Hotels

On first arrival in Wudaokou Beijing, you will most likely want to stay in a local hotel to get a feel for the area and use as a base to hunt for an apartment. We have teamed up with Expedia to provide some of lowest rates around.

Hotels near Wudaokou subway station

Xijiao Hotel - good value, close to wudaokou subway, BLCU and Tsinghua

The Xijiao Hotel Wudoakou is located just behind Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and is highly recommend. It provides a great base for anyone planning to study in Wudaokou as it is close to the subway station and is within walking distance of many of the universities.

There are room options to suit all budgets. Those on a short term course who wish to stay in a hotel for the duration should consider the 'apartments' in Xijiao as they have each have a kitchenette where you can make your own food.

Other Hotels

The following links take you to a list of hotels sorted by distance from Peking and Tsinghua Universities:

Hotels near Peking University

Hotels near Tsinghua University