Huaqingjiayuan Apartments

Huaqingjiayuan is an apartment complex in the heart of Wudaokou, Beijing. Its distinctive pink tower blocks dominate the skyline around the Wudaokou subway station. Because it is well located for all the shops, restaurants and universities it is one of the most sought after addresses in Wudaokou and this popularity is reflected in the higher rents.

There are open spaces, couryards and gardens between the buildings and seating areas where people gather to relax. And early in the morning retirees come out to practice Taichi and dance. Huaqingjiayuan has a gym, swimming pool, a tennis court and a children's playground area. Perhaps this is why its english name is "Leisure Garden". During Chinese new year the courtyards are lit up with red lanterns.

Huaqingjiayuan Apartments

For more images of the apartment buildings and envionment see our video by following one of these links: outside China use Huaqingjiayuan (YouTube); inside China use Huaqingjiayuan (Youku)

The Apartment buildings

Each building in the complex is numbered, and the numbers are displayed on outside. Due to superstitions you won’t find a building four, since the number four sounds like the word for death in Chinese. Instead there are two building with the number five, building 5 and 甲5 . Similarly there are two building 15s. The following is a map of huaqingjiayuan to help you locate the apartment blocks.

Huaqingjiayuan Map

From the outside all the buildings that make up Huaqingjiayuan look much the same. However the older buildings have concrete walls in the common areas and so have a more institutional feel. The newer buildings are tiled inside, are well lit and the corridors are regularly cleaned, creating a more welcoming first impression. Friendly security guard patrol the area and entry to many buildings is controlled by swipe cards and video phones.

The complex has a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to all the different nationalities that choose to make it their home when studying or working in Beijing. If you are coming to Beijing for work or for study, and are looking for an apartment in Wudaokou, then Huaqingjiayuan is an option worth considering.

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